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Author: Freddy Torres

Completed Build 9: Mad Max Bear ?>

Completed Build 9: Mad Max Bear

  Base Kit: HG Bearguy | HG Petiteguy Mods: Petiteguy added to the Bearguy chest cavity, tons of added armor detail, custom built backpack and face mask, custom base Awards: Bestest Bearguy and 1st place 1/144 AU @ SCGMC 2018, 2nd Place 1/144 Gundam @ Spruefest, Bronze 1/144 Gundam at Valleycon

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WIP: Vesuvibear ?>

WIP: Vesuvibear

The theme for SCGMC 2018 is Bearguys. I have a lot of builds planned for the theme this year. I started off this project going for a really quick build to get something done after taking a break from gunpla for about 6 months. This was originally going to be some creepy stone petite guy but the idea slowly morphed into some sort of lava creature. Started off by using a hobby knife to chisel at the plastic to give […]

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IBO Diorama WIP 2: The Drill Kick ?>

IBO Diorama WIP 2: The Drill Kick

Quick post to show you guys how I added the motor to the leg. I used a cell phone vibration motor that I picked up on ebay. covered the open space of the foot with styrene and just drilled a hole for the motor.    Used a piece of square tube to house the motor. Cut off the ball joint part of the leg and replaced it with the tube. After that, just added the connection parts for the armor. […]

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IBO Diorama WIP 1: The Base ?>

IBO Diorama WIP 1: The Base

I originally  wanted to recreate the final fight between  the Barbatos and Graze Ein from the anime for my first diarama. Didn’t feel like buying the 6th form HG Barbatos but I had the HG Barbatos that came with the Long Distance Booster. Looked into how much model buildings cost (they are expensive) and didn’t want to scratch build them so I went with a forest fight. From there I came up with a concept that had the Graze Ein […]

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