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Take something cute and make it terrifying, horrible and disgusting. Get your putty and Blood For The Blood God ready. This will be the most disturbing and putrid Gunpla contest you have ever seen.

Open to all builders! Use hashtags #horrorpla and #gorepla to show off your progress.


Entry Submissions

One entry per person and must be a new project. If you try to submit an old project... the blood gods will get their blood.
Submissions open September 1 - November 17.

Make sure to include 4 clear profile photos to help us with judging. The rest of the photos can be as creative as you want. 


Allowed Kits

Entry must contain one of the variations of the following kits:
Bearguy \ Petitguy \ Haro \ Momokapool \ Fumina (Gyanko, Chinagguy, Sarah, Nami, etc) \ Nobell Gundam \Goofy Zeon aquatic suits (Ackguy, Zock, Juaggu)


This contest will be judged by @truegunpla and @freddywaswrong
Since submissions for this contest will probably be all over the place, we're keeping scoring simple.
The scores will be split up 50/50 between the IDEA and EXECUTION of the entry. 


Top 3 Winners will receive a custom made trophy made by @freddywaswrong

First Place

$100 USAGundamStore Gift Card
3 TrueGunpla T-Shirts
1 ThoseGundamGuys T-Shirt

Second Place

$75 USAGundamStore Gift Card
2 TrueGunpla T-Shirts
1 ThoseGundamGuys T-Shirt

Third Place

$50 USAGundamStore Gift Card
1 TrueGunpla T-Shirt
1 ThoseGundamGuys T-Shirt

Community Favorite that doesn't make the top 3 will receive a ThoseGundamGuys T-Shirt

A special surprise for horrorable mentions (kits that didn't place but we still thought were cool).

Everyone that submits an entry will get an exclusive HORRORPLA sticker along with various True Gunpla and Freddywaswrong stickers.

10 random entrants will receive a special Blood Beach children's book art print.

Use hashtags #horrorpla and #gorepla on social media